General Questions

Complete your Registration process on and complete your profile with payment

Select the city and date of Examination

Download your admit card

Appear for examination in your selected city

As per the online result get your Scholarship certificate

Your complete profile, documents along with scholarship certificate will be mailed to Institute/University. You will receive your application form without any charges to proceed with your admission.

No, you need not pay the application fee if the application is routed through AISTF (All India Scholarship Test Foundation). Please check on the contact number mentioned before filling the application form.

Yes the payment is completely secure and you can ask for a GST invoice for same by writing to

You have to pay Rs. 500.00/- plus 18% GST a total of Rs. 590.00/-

Must be an Indian and must not hold any other Country's Passport.
Min. Age 17 years and Max. Age 25 years

Final year appearing students can apply
Must have completed education, as per accepted Indian standards

No, we do not grant scholarship in such cases. As our Scholarship Grants is always part of tuition fees for the concerned University or Institute. However, you may write to for further guidance.

It is a Pure Scholarship Grant and not a loan. Applicant need not repay the scholarship (if selected).

We do not grant just for travel or accommodation or any other no course expenses.

We do not grant scholarship for Entrance Exam preparation / Private Tuition / Coaching or similar.

Yes, On Selection, the Scholarship is granted as per the terms laid by Institute/university please check with our official for further information.

Yes, you can apply for a scholarship. However, to get a scholarship for next year you must complete your application process as advised by Institute/university.

There is NO assurance to every applicant who applies for a scholarship. Only applicant who does well in the exam will get a scholarship.

You can apply for 1 University / Institute under one application form only. Until your application is rejected for admission.

In case of delays due to unforeseen circumstances please feel free to write to

No, Application Fees is non-refundable under any circumstances.

No, an Application form cannot be returned or transferred to anybody else.

Yes, You can apply to all the Institutes listed on our website but your course must be minimum 6 months or more. The concern university or Institute must be authorized by that Indian Government with a valid Certificate of completion of the course.

We do not support or grant scholarship for Internship, Project, Seminar, Education Tour or Representation our Country Outside India or anything similar.