The All India Scholarship Test Foundation (AISTF) was started with the aim of giving students an equal opportunity at pursuing the academic course of their dreams. In the current educational situation, many prospective students find it difficult to enroll in programs such as Engineering, Master’s of Business Administration, BBA, BCA and all because of rising tuition costs. This does not even include the many additional expenses that a student find him or herself facing when joining a new institution.

India’s economy faces a huge problem. While we are one of the fastest growing economies in the world, a large percentage of our youth remain unemployable. They are either improperly trained or simply lack the means to be employed in the workforce, as it largely requires students to have formal degrees to enter various fields. This is a problem for both the student and for the economy. If the workforce needs trained students, but the students cannot be trained - for various reasons - what can be done to help the country as a whole grow?

That’s the problem that AISTF seeks to solve. If you can prove your merit by showcasing your knowledge on our authentic test, you will find yourself financially sorted in the college you have been admitted in - guaranteed. The AISTF is a merit-based test that recognizes those who are worthy of higher education and helps them reach that goal.

You will get the chance to be trained in all the skills necessary for you to succeed in the field of your choosing. With your scholarship, you will receive the opportunity to learn formally the skills for your business career path, and the degree to show for it. Your employment avenues will suddenly expand and your career path will suddenly steady itself.

We want to make that happen and we want to make it convenient for students to do so.

The procedure is simple. You register on the website, set up your account, and take the test whenever you are ready. If you score well enough, you’ll receive either a partial or full scholarship and you can consider your college your tuition fees paid for. All students who display this merit will be provided a scholarship.

AISTF seeks to go even further. We provide students with all of the educational material and guides they need to excel at these tests including practice papers and question banks. You will also find regular articles and posts on how to navigate scholarship examinations and succeed in academic endeavors.

AISTF will also support students by guiding them with their college applications. Everything here is digitized, so you’ll receive e-mails and SMS alerts to keep you informed of your progress. We have listed a series of institutions for you to browse through and consider for admissions.

Through rigorous study and hard work, a student can be in charge of his or her own success and not have to worry about financial obligations getting in the way of their dreams.


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